The Boston Marathon: My 2016 Experience and Why This is the Only Run that Really Matters!

Vegan Triathlon Coach

When I was 6 or 7 I lived in the San Francisco Bay area.  My father was busy as a mechanical engineer working as a mining consultant and traveling the world over helping with preventative maintenance of large equipment.  Unfortunately, that left very little time for “personal preventative maintenance” and he was starting to gain weight.  I should say that he looks as good as he ever has at 79, and seems to be pretty healthy and happy at present! However, in 1975 he was fighting the age-old battle of man vs. food, and taking a beating!  He would ofttimes go running after work, and invite me to come along!!!  I fell in love with the sport during those jogs with my Dad!

My Dad

I clearly remember going to see the movie, “Running”, starring Michael Douglas with my Dad, and loving it !  I also recall taking off on…

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