Old Habits Die Hard. 25 miles of the Trans-Zion Trek: Hop Valley to The Grotto

Vegan Triathlon Coach

I was in Southern Utah for a family reunion, which is never a bad place to be in late November, especially if you live in snow country!  I had heard some talk about running across Zion National Park a few years earlier, and was mildly intrigued, but never really had much of an opportunity to make it a reality.  But here I was, only a stones throw from the park and very little actual responsibility except the hugging of relatives. (Which I actually enjoyed very much!)  Once those awesome responsibilities were dispatched, I started to explore possible adventures and Trans-Zion again appeared on the radar.  I didn’t talk much about it, as I figured certain people may discourage the attempt. (Sorry Honey)  I did do some quick internet searches and got the basic gist of what it would entail. However, a few major obstacles stood in my way, the chief…

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