Miami to Orlando by Bicycle: The Perils of Cycling Solo in the Sunshine State

Vegan Triathlon Coach

When I was about 15, I wanted a road bike.  I already had a mountain bike thanks to my brother, who talked my Mom into buying a matching pair of Bianchi Grizzlies for Christmas a few years earlier.  Like most kids at the time, a bike was principally transportation, and cell phones were still Sci-Fi, but we had a great trail near our house, so I owned  one of the first mountain bikes ever made.  I used to ride to Elephant Rock up Mueller Park Canyon about once a week during the summer, and never remember seeing another mountain bike during those first 2 years!!!  I did have a collusion with a BMX bike once, and can remember riding this trail on a Schwinn Orange Peeler, way after they were considered cool!!

When I came home with my steel gray Cannondale with pink highlights,  my brother told me I was…

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