Finishing the 285 Mile Doxa Threelay as a Vegan Team of One….A Complete Guide to Soloing the Most Difficult Triathlon in the World

Vegan Triathlon Coach

I HAVE NEVER FIGURED OUT why I do the things I do, but when I first heard of the Doxa Threelay at the Ironman 70.3 St. George Expo in 2015, something clicked in my brain.  It kept popping in and out of my head for the next several weeks until it finally got hold.  I started to drop subtle…or not so subtle hints to my wife about taking a solo shot at this 2 hundred and 80 something mile monstrosity.   She was not excited about the prospect.  I can’t explain how she can talk me into running 350 miles along the coast of Oregon in 10 days, (different story, different day)  but then be adamantly opposed to a measly 285 miles, with the majority on my trusty 2-wheeled rocket ship.  James Player (and current Facebook friend as soon as I put my name in the hat) had knocked…

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